16 September 2007

Bellevue University - Online Nursing Degree

Bellevue University - Online Nursing Degree - Distance Learning Nursing Programs

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Welcome to Bellevue University - Online Nursing Degree
Bellevue University's online degree programs and courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to meet their career and educational goals. Students are encouraged to take advantage of prior learning including existing college credit, professional/military training and professional certification.

Affordability - Online Nursing Degree
Compare our tuition costs with those of other online universities and you will find that Bellevue University is one of the most affordable online options. That's because we are a non-profit university. Our mission is education, not making money. So we work hard to keep our tuition rates affordable, and to find financial aid for all who need it.

Acceleration - Online Nursing Degree
Because adults don't have the ability to drop out of life to attend school, we make learning accessible and accelerate degree completion. If you have an associate's degree or about 60 credit hours, you can complete your Bellevue University bachelor's degree in as little as 15 months. If you have fewer credit hours, we offer many cost-effective and time-saving options for earning the credits you need.

Accreditation - Online Nursing Degree
Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, the same organization that accredits Big Ten Universities. Bellevue University degrees are accepted and respected by employers and graduate schools throughout the world.

Accessible Learning - Online Nursing Degree
You don't have to be computer-savvy to take advantage of online learning from Bellevue University. Our Cyber-Active® Learning Classroom is engaging, interactive and easy-to-use. As a student at Bellevue University, you learn in the company of motivated adult classmates, who share their career experiences with you. The familiarity you gain with your classmates and with your professors helps you relate more positively to each other, and the concepts taught.

Table of Contents

Online Nursing Degree - Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science
  • Online Nursing Degree - Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
  • Online Nursing Degree - Bachelor of Science in Human and Social Services Administration
  • Online Nursing Degree - Bachelor of Science in Management of Health Informatics
  • Online Nursing Degree - Master of Healthcare Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science - Online Nursing Degree

    The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science, Online Nursing Degree, incorporates a full range of learning skills needed by professionals in the human services field. Foundation knowledge includes major concepts in psychology, sociology and counseling with an emphasis on applications to examples in human services. Because self-knowledge is so important to a full understanding of ethical and relationship aspects of work in human services, this program includes a formal life vision portfolio project in addition to multiple opportunities for reflection on learning and experiences. This program, in combination with a course in description statistics, fully prepares students for the Master of Science in Human Services.

    Students in this program, Online Nursing Degree, can expect to learn how to:

    Differentiate main theories of counseling,
    Recognize whether treatments have a valid research foundation,
    Analyze human services needs and policies,
    Interpret tables and other statistical information,
    Plan observation experiences,
    Report on progress with communication skills, and
    Improve interviewing, writing and presentation skills.

    Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management - Online Nursing Degree

    Designed for healthcare professionals who want to extend their job opportunities to include administration, management and leadership.

    This degree program, Online Nursing Degree, gives students the skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently manage their healthcare organization's operations. Graduates of the program work in management positions across the healthcare continuum, including clinic/physician office manager, assisted living center administrator or marketing director, hospital department manager or program manager, workers' compensation administrator or health insurance claims examiner. Graduates of this program will be able to move from a clinical role to a management position.

    Students in this program, Online Nursing Degree, can expect to learn how to:

    Base management decisions on a systems perspective for leading strategic, tactical and operational direction of the healthcare organization,
    Strengthen skills in self-assessment as a communicator,
    Select appropriate strategies in managing organizational conflict,
    Use common data analysis concepts to interpret reports and evaluate data,
    Analyze market research needs, and plan and implement marketing programs for healthcare organizations,
    Establish and maintain high performing teams of healthcare providers who are responsible for carrying out the established plans of the operation,
    Apply a structured problem-solving model to organizational performance,
    Use financial management as a decision science,
    Interact with regulatory bodies that expect compliance from healthcare organizations, and
    Provide leadership by integrating involvement between the community and the healthcare organizations to meet common healthcare needs.
    Bachelor of Science in Human and Social Services Administration Back to top

    This Online Nursing Degree program is designed to give human services professionals the educational background they need to move into management. This degree helps students understand both the internal and external operations of non-profit organizations. Since most program participants have practical experience with such organizations, opportunities for sharing experiences with other professionals are emphasized to add a practical dimension to the theoretical concepts.

    Graduates of this degree program, Online Nursing Degree, serve as directors or department supervisors in human services.

    Students in this Online Nursing Degree program can expect to learn how to:

    Evaluate and improve their own management styles by reflecting on time management, conflict resolution, teamwork and communications skills,
    Manage many human resource functions within the human services setting such as writing job descriptions, compliance procedures for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and conducting employee evaluations,
    Monitor legislation at the state and local levels that may affect the human services sector,
    Create a program budget that includes a break-even analysis and a balance sheet,
    Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for a non-profit organization,
    Assess and make recommendations for management information systems in human service organizations,
    Market products and services in the non-profit sector, and
    Write an effective grant proposal.

    Bachelor of Science in Management of Health Informatics - Online Nursing Degree

    This Online Nursing Degree degree provides graduates the background necessary to manage healthcare information resources, technologies and personnel. The curriculum is designed to prepare confident, innovative, contributing professionals in the field, including core management and information technology concepts as well as topics specific to health informatics. It is an accelerated degree completion program offered online.

    Students in this Online Nursing Degree program can expect to learn how to:

    Learn database management, including how to structure data to put it into a database, and how to analyze the output from data analytics,
    Perform predictive modeling, including analyzing trends, and a developing data models to respond to specific questions asked from hospital administrators and/or physicians, and
    Format data necessary to maximize electronic health records systems to reflect the way clinical staff interact with the systems on screen.

    Master of Healthcare Administration - Online Nursing Degree

    The largest accredited online MHA in the country, Bellevue University's Master of Healthcare Administration degree, Online Nursing Degree, prepares students to assume leadership roles in healthcare organizations. The degree is recognized in the healthcare field as an important credential to assume a position of significant authority. The curriculum was developed to include all critical competencies for healthcare finance, ethical and legal issues in healthcare administration and management topics.

    The Online Nursing degree is a 43-credit hour program that includes a 4-credit hour capstone research project. It is offered in a cohort format, allowing classroom work to be completed in 19 months. The final course is a practicum completed at a local healthcare site.

    If you are interested in this Online Nursing Degree school and would like to find out more, please Request Information from Bellevue University.

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