06 September 2007

Online Nursing Degree - Online Public Health Degrees

Online Nursing Degree - Online Public Health Degrees

Public Health professionals focus on the treatment and prevention of illness and disease that affect communities as a whole. There is a great demand for public health professionals prepared to address major concerns such as chronic disease, toxic waste, behavior-related disorders, hazardous chemical and physical agents, health problems of the impoverished and disadvantaged, new infectious diseases, problems of the aging population, and the health of infants and mothers.

A degree in Public Health provides the student with the skills, training, and ability to provide that service. The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is recognized as the primary professional degree in public health. The MPH student gains valuable knowledge that enables them to promote wellness and health and to develop strategies to improve health care access and delivery within a community.

Public health professionals are employed at all levels in a variety of settings including: government agencies, non-governmental agencies, world health organizations, the United Nations, non-profit organizations, relief organizations, clinical practice, academia, and private industry.

Public Health Specialization Areas
Master in Public Health programs prepare students for public health practice by providing instruction in the core disciplines of public health. Opportunities are readily available for additional focused specialization across a wide range of public health practice areas such as:

Aging Studies Behavioral Health Biostatistics
Community Health Epidemiology Ergonomics
Global Health Health Communication Maternal and Child Health
Maternal and Child Health MS in Nursing / MPH Nutrition and Exercise

Is a Public Health Career Right for You?
Public Health professionals work with the communities, either locally, nationally, or on a global scale, and focus their attention on identifying health concerns that affect the community as a whole, addressing issues such developing means of educating the public in health matters, wellness promotion, developing and seeking means to implement better access to care and health delivery to the community, and striving to safeguard the public through disease control and prevention, and outbreak control.

There is a serious and growing need for public health practitioners. Shortages and job opportunities exist nationally and internationally for nurses, physicians, social workers, administrators, teachers, allied health professionals, and engineers trained in public health technologies. Online Masters in Public Health programs are appropriate for individuals who already have professional experience or training in public health as well as for health professionals whose expertise lies outside of public health. The Public Health profession is a very rewarding career that can make a vast difference in the health and well being of a community on a large scale.

Earn A Degree in Public Health Online
Accredited online Public Health degree programs are available to give you the real-world skills and knowledge you need to promote community wellness, disease prevention and health. .

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